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Holiday blessings from the Advocates at Friends of Island Academy.

This December, 400 kids--ages 16 to 18--will wake up in custody at Rikers Island.

They will be isolated from their families and friends, and many will not be clear as to how long they will be there. We'll meet almost all of these young people within the first 48 hours of entering custody.

When they return home, we will reconnect with them in their neighborhoods. We will engage them for as long as it takes to see them through high school--to a diploma, to college and career readiness, to healthy relationships, and towards economic independence.

It takes someone special to earn the trust and respect of the young people with whom we work.

It takes patience, persistence, commitment and compassion. It takes time.

It also takes someone special to invest in our mission.

We thank all of you who have been in our corner and have supported us throughout the years.

Just as youth need our small army of Advocates--and a village to support them--our Advocates need the support of stakeholders like you.

Join our Force of Hope in 2018.